Telenostic Vision

  • To provide swift, inexpensive, reliable and accurate automated system for Faecal Egg Count (FEC) detection of a wide range of parasites for all animals globally
  • Decisively transform the FEC technique by moving it from the laboratory to point of care and by making the service profitable for the industry

    Features and Benefits

  • Point of care alternative to lab testing for parasite analysis
  • Rapid results within 30 mins
  • Cost effective for all stakeholders
  • Scalable platform extendable for all host animals
  • High margins achieveable
  • Aggregated geographical data generated for monitoring of disease outbreak and resistance patterns
  • Meets all current standard Laboratory equivalent

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  • Saves time, returning an almost instant result of the tested hence facilitate rapid treatment of the animal.
  • More accurate results because of no time lapse/ sample deterioration and based on current laboratory methods and sensitivity
  • Collaborate with supervising veterinary surgeon for appropriate action for targeted treatment.
  • Retained herd specific records for department bodies for monitoring of parasite presence, resistance and best practice strategies.
  • Affordable solution

Meet the Team

  • Trish McOwan

  • Clare Hughes

  • Eamonn Power

  • Billy Power


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